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Straame Sturdy Step Stool for Bathroom

Straame Sturdy Step Stool for Bathroom

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Give some independence to the youngest of the house with the toddler step stool. A small step can provide big help.  

It comes a time in every family when the little ones want to start doing things on their own. Going to the toilet by themselves and be a little helper in the kitchen will be possible thank to this small stool. Designed in white with bright green non-slip bubbles is the perfect tool to aid toilet training.  

Sturdy and secure to stand in but also lightweight enough to be moved around by your kid.   



  • NON-SLIP TODDLER STEP: The anti-slip material on the top and the base makes the step stool steady when standing on it. This one-piece-step is made from sturdy plastic, no moving or easily breakable parts. The risk of falling from this kid's step is minimum due to its high resistance. 
  • FUNCTIONAL AND MULTI-USE: A very handy step stool for toddlers who can start being more independent on their toilet visits. Its light weight makes it possible for the children to freely move around the step. This way they would be able to reach the sink, toilet and even the kitchen without anyone's help. 
  • TOILET STEP: The perfect tool for toilet training the little ones. The bathroom stool will give them the confidence to start using the toilet without much help.  It provides a stable surface for the kids to stand with an anti-slip base.
  • DESIGN FOR EVERYDAY LIVING: It can handle the weight of an average adult as it is made of rough plastic material. With this step, you will now be able to reach the highest self of the kitchen or the top storage unit in the bedroom. This step stool will give you some extra height to easily reach the upper surfaces of your house.
  • CHILDREN STEP STOOLS: Efficiently designed with rubber bubbles on the top and on the bottom for a better grip. Its curved design makes this little step fits in the toilet and in the sink for kids to wash their hands and brush their teeth. 
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