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Straame Roulette Drinking Game

Straame Roulette Drinking Game

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Play like you were in Las Vegas! Dress up fancy, meet your friends and start the party with this casino game!  With the roulette drinking game, all players will get the chance to drink at least once.  Fill the glasses with different beverages; wait for your turn, make the roulette spin and enjoy!  

This classic party game will be the centre of attention at your party, everyone will want to be part of the game and the fun around it. Don't let anyone miss out.  

Perfectly packaged with a foam wrapping, the whole set is fully protected.   

No winners with this shot roulette drinking game, just friends having good fun.  

The drinking roulette set includes:   

1x Roulette    

2 x Small metallic balls   

16 X Coloured and Numbered glasses 


PARTY GAMES: Are you planning on throw a thematic casino party? With this classic drinking game, the fun is guaranteed. Roll the ball and let the drinking games start.

  • DRINKING ROULETTE SET: As if you were in Las Vegas, give it a spin and drink up where the ball has landed. Suitable for up to 8 players. The Russian roulette is the perfect game to entertain any at-home party.
  • PERFECTLY PACKAGED: All 16 crystal glasses and the roulette are fully protected to avoid damage in the delivery. The packaging is also convenient to store the roulette set whenever the fun is over.
  • DRINKING GIFTS: The party game you were looking for to give as a secret Santa gift for men or women. The roulette drinking game will bring fun and entertainment to any gathering.
  • 16 COLOURED AND NUMBERED GLASSES: Coloured in the classic red and black and numbered 1 to 16, fill your glasses with the drinks of your choice and let the party start. Any beverage is welcome! Tap water, juice, soda. You fill the glasses, you choose the drink! 
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