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Straame Premium Gravity Chair - Black

Straame Premium Gravity Chair - Black

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PREMIUM GRAVITY CHAIR:  Do you want to be able to defy gravity in an exclusive reclining chair? Straame premium gravity chair is one of a kind. After rigorous market research, Straame design team had come up with an exclusively new and improved premium gravity chair model with unique features. More resistant and comfortable than any other gravity chair in the market.  Feel the sense of physical ease this summer with Straame premium gravity chair. 


EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: Upgrade to the luxury level with Straame premium zero gravity chair. Its unique and innovative design has been developed with your comfort and needs in mind. Enjoy the sun in your garden with a premium quality reclining and adjustable chair, once you’ve tried its innovative and exclusive design, you will never be going back.


SUPREME QUALITY: Details make the difference. The quadruple cross design Textilene 680GSM fabric used in the Premium Gravity Chair can support higher weight and provide additional support. The reclining chair is reinforced with two powder-coated steel bars that make the chair more resilient and holds up to 150KG weight.


INCREASED DURABILITY: Innovative with outstanding technology behind its design, the premium gravity chair is built to last. Made with hot cut technology to enhance its durability, the quadruple and reinforced cross Textilene cloth design is weather, UV, and stain-resistant.


EXTRA COMFORT: Lie back and allow your legs to rise as your head lowers. The resilient and resistant cloth supports your body weight, making you feel like floating. Relax your muscles and let your back and joints rest. The ergonomic armrest and the adjustable head pillow will make your relaxation time extra comfortable.



Experience the ultimate comfort and relaxation with Straame premium gravity chair. A high-quality design created with your comfort in mind.  Unique in the market with exclusive characteristic and luxury design. Our design team has done an extensive market research to reach this one-of-a-kind gravity chair model. Have you ever dreamt of feeling like floating? Now it is possible. Upgrade to the next level of comfort and reach maximum body support and well-being. Suspend your body in a natural posture, elevate your feet in alignment with your heart and feel your back and joints completely relax and be tense-free.


Made of Textilene mesh, a fabric designed for outdoor use, highly breathable and quick drying. One of our premium gravity chair distinctive features is quadruple weaving, a harder and more resistant supreme quality Teslin 680GSM Fabric. The reinforced cross design mesh fabric can support higher weight and provide plenty of additional support for your body.


Stronger and more resistant than standard gravity chair, our premium design has been created using hot cut technology to increased durability. To create a premium quality chair, no detail has been left to chance, and we have taken into account the market requirements by adding two powered coated steel frames under the seat to support the weight and ergonomic armrest.


Straame luxury zero gravity chair is the ideal sun loungers for your outdoors to rest on a sunny day. Lock into your desired position and relax under the sun. Foldable and easy to transport, the overall dimensions of Straame Premium Gravity Chair is 179cm x 65cm x 110cm. Box dimension 96cm x 25cm x 68cm with a gross weight of 7KG

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