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Straame Gazebo Weights 4pcs (WHITE)

Straame Gazebo Weights 4pcs (WHITE)

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4PCS GAZEBO WEIGHTS: A must-have addition to any garden during warmer weather. Provide a sturdy anchor to any outdoor structure: pop up tent or gazebo structures, camping sun shelters, sports umbrella, etc.


EASY ASSEMBLY: Each piece is designed with two segments. Wrap them around the leg of your structure and screw them together with the star fastener. The water weights are compatible with several parasol pole sizes (28/32/35/46mm). A simple and easy operation with no tools required.


WEATHER RESISTANT: Made of high-quality material, not easy to break and weather and rust-resistant. Can be outdoors all year round. The flat-top cap closes tightly to prevent water leak.


10L PER PIECE and EASY TO FILL: The removable cap on the top is convenient when filling and emptying with water or sand. Each piece fit precisely to the feet of your parasol once filled up. You will have now 10L (per piece) worth of weight holding down your gazebo.


EXTRA STABILITY: Create a quick weight on any occasion. Secure your gazebo or tent, whether situated in grass or hard ground.  Lightweight when not filled, the pack is easy to transport and to store when not in use. The product dimension 25cm x 25cm x 25cm



Need extra stability for your gazebo? No more awkward experiences with flying structures. Straame gazebo weight legs pack is the perfect solution for adding security to your pop-up gazebo—an indispensable and particularly useful accessory for outdoor settings.


Designed to secure different pole legs (28 – 32 – 35 – 46 mm), the 4-piece set is durable and weather resistant. Easy to be fitted around the leg of the structure can then be filled with water or sand. Each weight is made of two semi-circular barrels and then clamp around each leg of your gazebo. Once all feet are secured, you will have now 10L per piece worth of weight holding down your gazebo, camping tent, camping sun shelters, sports umbrella, or other suitable structure.


Easy to install, there is no tool required for assembly. Each piece has a star fastening screw to adjust to the pole; it can be easily tightened or released by hand. The flat filling cap is on the top of each weight to ease the filling and ensures that the content will not leak.

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