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Straame Advent Calendar 2021, Fidget Toy Calendar

Straame Advent Calendar 2021, Fidget Toy Calendar

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The upcoming festivities are usually a childhood favourite. Make your kids even more excited for this Christmas day with Straame Advent Fidget Toy Calendar 2021. Start the 1st of December, opening the first door of this unique Calendar and get to the 24th with different small pocket-sized fidget toys. Suitable for adults and children, the Advent Calendar will bring endless joy and entertainment in-house or on the go. The set comes with a great variety of the trendiest toys of the year. They will catch the attention of everyone around the house, enhancing the creativity and multi-sensorial experience. Each Calendar toy is portable, durable and not easy to break—different shapes, colours and designs, perfect for the youngest of the family. Small and portable, you can bring the fidget toys anywhere you want as most of them come with a keychain; you can use them to decorate your mobile phone or your keys. Pass the time boringly and enhance concentration. 

Each day comes with a new surprise. Twenty-four pop toys for kids and adults will make the waiting time for Christmas days much easier. There is a great fidget gift selection, from the famous and popular bubble popping colourful keyboard to Infinity Fidget cube, Pea Popper Fidget Toy, Marble mesh, or twisty tingles. Shapes and sounds suitable for everyone – Kids under parent supervisory.



  • ADVENT CALENDAR 2021: Love the idea of opening presents on Christmas day? Get into that exciting feeling from the 1st of December with Straame Advent Calendar. One pocket-sized toy per day until the big day comes—twenty-four pop toys for kids and adults that will make the waiting time for Christmas day much easier. A new day hides a new surprise. 
  • FIDGET TOYS: Squeeze, pull or flip. These fidget finger toys pack is a great way to keep your hands busy, encourage creativity and increase sensory stimulation. Most of the finger gifts are pocket-sized and comes with a key chain to take them anywhere you want. Lightweight and portable, Straame Advent Calendar has trendy small toys for family and friends. 
  • CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN: Create a unique atmosphere until Christmas day for your kids. A hands-on calendar for counting down the days before Christmas and looking forward to that special date with excitement. Made of high-quality material, the fidget toys can last many years. 
  • SENSORY GIFTS: Play freely with daily surprises until Xmas day. This fidget toy set is a great selection of the trendiest fidget toys of the year; small sensory toys to carry everywhere. Silent and useful for any age, they will help sensory enrichment and make you focus while studying or working. 
  • POP FINGER TOYS: Straame Fidget Advent Calendar comes with a great variety of different finger toys. Different textures, bright colours, shapes and sounds. Portable, durable and not easy to break; from the famous bubble popping keyboard to pea pods toys or infinity cube to keep you entertained at home or on the go.
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