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Straame 3 Tier Clothes Airer

Straame 3 Tier Clothes Airer

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Large household but small rooms? Living with flatmates and no other space to dry your laundry but your own room? This practical 3 tier clothing airer will be your life saver as it provides enough drying space, saving lots of floor space.

With a compact and sturdy design, can be used indoors and outdoors. Easily to move around, it can be folded flat for storage in a space-efficient manner.

It features 4 corner hanger hooks, making it ideal for hanging heavier garments or items prone to wrinkling. The feet protector is a great addition to our laundry rack because it will avoid scratches on wooden floors and makes it more stable when outdoors.

The 3 tiers have a great capacity for all your laundry. It also comes with four large holders for extra capacity. You will now be able to hang your shirts and dresses without any wrinkles forming for bad held when drying.

SPACE SAVING: Its verticality means that it doesn’t take up much space in your home. Once the clothes are dry and ready to fold or iron, fold the clothing rack and easily store it away. Compact, when folded flat when it is not in use, is fit in any space in your laundry room.

WASHING AIRER: Durable and resistant metal bars with a powder-coated finish for an elegant look in your house. The plastic caps in the feet prevent scratching in wooden floors as well as avoid unwanted slips.

STURDY DRYING RACK: Holds up to 10 KG, the laundry rack is resistant yet lightweight when folded and easy to move around. Move it from room to room or your garden with any hassle. 

DRYING SPACE: The perfect solution for busy households as it allows you to dry a lot of clothes at once. Perfectly design to dry long items easily like bedding or towels.

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