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Straame 12" Desk Fan

Straame 12" Desk Fan

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12" DESK FAN: The Straame electric cooling fan will become your new favourite home item on the warmest summer days. Suitable for any place or situation; from cooling down your night movie times to your home working days. The fan head oscillates and tilts, enabling you to direct the fan comfortably in any direction—the perfect solution for the changing seasons and temperatures. Combat the warmest times of the day adding extra airflow to your interior space.


3 SPEED SETTING: Take control over the airflow speed with the integrated three push buttons. Easily adjust and switch between higher or lower airflow to meet your personal needs. Increasing or reducing the airflow is at the reach of your finger.


OSCILLATING COOLING FAN: Widely distributing the air in your room with a right-to-left movement of the fan. Simple and effective! Adjust the head up or down to redirect the air and cover the room's maximum space. Adjust the head angle to have complete control of the airflow.


QUIET OFFICE FAN. Being productive in a heated environment with no cool air circulation while the sun is shining outside can be difficult. Straame desk fan is the ideal cooling option for those days thanks to its quiet and smooth operating system. Its classic white design will match the decoration in your office or home without standing out or attracting attention—a breath of fresh air for your workspace in the hot summer working days.


MINIMAL ASSEMBLY: With a compact design (34cm x 23cm x 43cm), the fan only needs minimal assembly to start working. When winter or colder days arrive, you can store it fully assembled into your closet. It does not take much space and have it ready for whenever you need it. The safety grills cover the blades when in operation. There is no risk of getting hurt.


Hot, sticky summer days are nearby. Don't let the heat catch you for another year without an extra remote ventilator to cool off. Its compact size and 3-speed settings allow you to use it anywhere you need; home, office, workspace, garage, or even the mobile home or caravan. Plug in the electric fan and feel the cool air in your skin any time of the day as there is no worry about batteries running out. Whether it is on your summer mornings with your ice-coffee, afternoon snack while finishing the working day or on evening drinks with your friends. It comes with a safety mesh covering the blades and a quiet yet powerful electric motor for not disturbing while working or relaxing.


What better sensation to feel a slight breeze of cool air at night during a heatwave?  Let your imagination fly and transport yourself to the seaside with cool airflow without even leaving your home. Spread the cooling effect with the fan's oscillating movement, lean its head, and easily direct the fan in any direction. Do you want the airflow to focus on your face? Go for it. Do you prefer to cool down your body while you are doing some workout? Don't doubt it. Adjust the airflow to meet your needs—a reliable cooling option when you need it the most. The box size is 39cm x 34cm x 18cm

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